Maps of reindeer hunting areas

New maps of reindeer hunting areas are ready for sale and use in pdf-maps software.

The maps are 12 in total, 2 x 1:100.000 of east part of Iceland, divided by northern and southern parts. 10 x 1:50.000 by each hunting regions. Region 1 is divided to 3 parts due to size of the area.

Reindeer hunting areas are marked on the map and each region is indicated with colors. – Overview Map is adjacent to the map itself, so users can easily see the location of each area.

The maps are available in PDF Maps software.

Here is a screenshot of the map.




Map sections for 1:50.000 maps.

Blaðskipting hreindýrasvæðakorta Blaðskipting hreindýrasvæðakorta