About Iskort

The data

The maps are made from vector geodatabase, IS-50V from the National Land Survey of Iceland along with Lidar mapping of the icelandic glaciers

The glacial mapping data is from the Icelandic Met office and University of Iceland

The software

PDF Maps software is avalable for free on Apple iOS devices th the Apple iStore for iPad og iPhone

Android version is here in Android Play store

In PDF Maps you can place waypoints, mesure distances and view the maps. Your location is visable and you can geo-tag your images and place waypoints where the photos are taken

New – Now in PDF-Maps , it is possible to save tracks to .gpx or .kml format, and open those files.

PDF-Maps support-website

Making of the maps

Mapmaker : Marteinn S. Sigurðsson

Publisher: Marteinn S. Sigurdsson

Basemap: IS-50V – National Land Survey of Iceland

Glacial Mappings: Iceland Met Office and Science Institute – University of Iceland

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© Marteinn S. Sigurðsson – www.iskort.is


All Rights Reserved

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