Licence Agreement

Licence Agreement for maps from

1. Definitions

Marteinn S. Sigurdsson is owner of „“ and in this licensed agreement designated as „Owner“

The map collection is based on geodatabase owned by the National Land Survey of Iceland – IS-50V, LiDAR measurements of glaciers from the Icelandic Met Office and Science Institute – University of Iceland, and other sources

The map collection is to be used in PDF-Maps software only.

National Land Survey of Iceland, Icelandic Meteorological Office and Science Institute – University of Iceland are the owners and beneficiaries of the data coming from them.

PDF Maps software is available for Apple iOS phones and tablets computers, and Google Android phones and tablets computers.

User is the person who install maps from, and is licensed agreement designated as „User“

2. Granting use permit

With the approval of the licence agreement , the owner provides the user the right to use the map on Apple iOS and Google Android phones or tablet computers.

The license does not change the copyrights or other rights of the owner and other beneficiaries of the attached maps.

User undertakes to ensure that the map collection does not to be distributed to third parties, or makes money of the use or resale.

The map collection is intended for use only by the user who buys the maps through online PDF Maps webstore

3. Copyright

Map collection is subject to copyright under the Icelandic law: Act. 73/1972. Owner is the holder of the copyright and other intellectual property rights in regarding the map distribution

National Land Survey of Iceland, Icelandic Meteorological Office and Science Institute – University of Iceland are the owners and beneficiaries of the data coming from them.

4. Warranty

Owner is not under any circumstances be liable for indirect damages of any sort resulting from use of the maps or it is not possible for any reason to use the map collection, including, but not limited to, damage due to operating losses, loss of use or cost outlay. Owner will not be responsible for any damage due to errors that may result from its base card or the lack of information or errors in map collection

Amount of damages due to direct loss can be a maximum of the value of the map sold in the PDF-Map store

User agrees to use the map as a reference and at his own risk.

5. Disclaimers

Tracks and roads can be precarious, closed or impassable.

Tracks and roads in the map database can be privately owned and passing can be subject to landowner permission.

Elevation model of Langjökull and northwestern part of Vatnajökull are not as precise as other glaciers.

6. Duration of Agreement

With the approval of the terms of this user undertakes to comply with all the conditions of the license agreement. Any issues arising from the agreement shall be brought before Hérðaðsdómur Reykjavik, Iceland

With the approval and ongoing use of the maps, this license agreement is approved by the user.

Disclaimer regarding grammar and translation errors in English and German text.

English version and German version is made using Google Translator software. All disputes regarding translation error in the text of the disclaimer or website, shall be decided on the Icelandic version of the text

Information regarding LIDAR data of Glaciers

Financial support for lidar mapping of glaciers in Iceland has been provided

by the Icelandic Research Fund (Rannís), the Landsvirkjun (the National

Power Company of Iceland) Research Fund, the Icelandic Road Administration,

the Reykjavík Energy Environmental and Energy Research Fund, the National

Land Survey of Iceland, the Vatnajökull National Park, Friends of Vatnajökull

and the Klima- og Luft­gruppen (KoL) research fund of the Nordic Council of

Ministers. IMO has also given additional support to co-fund the campaigns


Icelandic Meteorological Office and Institute of Earth Sciences,

University of Iceland. 2013. DEMs of Icelandic glaciers (data set).


Mapmaker : Marteinn S. Sigurðsson

Publisher: Marteinn S. Sigurdsson

Basemap: IS-50V – National Land Survey of Iceland

Glacial Mappings: Iceland Met Office and Science Institute – University of Iceland

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© Marteinn S. Sigurðsson –

All Rights Reserved
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